Thin Gin Bottle/Tray

Thin Gin is a fun fruity and fragrant gin.

Floral on the front with bright bursts of citrus to finish. Thin Gin tastes of summer, even on the darkest winter’s day.

Why is it called 'Thin Gin' ?

A common question. Thin Gin is named after Isacc Thin (so it won’t make you thin, there was a Mr Thin!). Thin is remembered as a strikingly handsome gentleman who lived in Waterford around the latter part of the 1920s. He was renowned locally for making bathtub gin in his spare time and taking it to parties. Isacc Thin is the inspiration behind the name; Thin Gin.

Multiple Award Winning Gin


Only excellent botanicals will make excellent gin! Thin Gin only contains the best and that’s what makes it entirely worthy of a Best Gin title. Click below to find out some of the botanicals used in our gin.

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Gin is one of the favorite bases for cocktails and other drinks. It is an essential part of drinks like Martini and the infamouse Gin & Tonic. Explore our recipes and hopefully you will find the perfect recipe for your next gin creation.

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